On this venture, I’ll present you tips on how to construct an easy Mains Operated LED Gentle Circuit, which might mild up LEDs immediately from the mains provide.

WARNING: This venture will not be for learners because it entails AC Mains provide. Just remember to have a grownup / skilled supervision if you’re planning to implement the same venture.


Immediately, fluorescent bulbs (mercury crammed Compact bulbs or tube lights) have gotten outdated and they’re being changed by LED lights. One of many principal motives for that is LED lights devour much less energy and have a longer life compared to fluorescent lamp and tube mild. LED lights have many benefits over Fluorescent lamp and are talked about on the finish of this put up.

Right here, now we have described an easy circuit which you’ll simply make and set up in your properties and won’t solely save sources however your power and cash may also be saved.

Mains Operated LED Gentle Circuit Diagram

Mains Operated LED Light Circuit Diagram

Parts used on this Circuit

  • Bridge rectifier – 1
  • Resistor (R1) – 1MΩ
  • Resistor (R2) – 560Ω / 1W
  • Capacitor (C1) – 0.22uF / 400V)
  • LEDs – 5
  • Breadboard
  • Connecting Wires

Mains Operated LED Circuit Rationalization

This straightforward circuit relies on easy elements: Bridge rectifier, resistors, LEDs and capacitor. All of the elements used on this circuit are simply accessible in the market. So you can also make this circuit and set up in your properties and workplaces. Earlier than understanding the working of circuit first take a look on the part description.


A rectifier is a digital circuit used for changing alternating present (AC) to direct present(DC). And the method of changing alternating present to direct present by permitting a method electron movement is known as for rectification. In full wave rectifier, 4 diodes are related in a circuit to kinda bridge. On this method, we’re using each constructive and unfavorable cycles of AC.

A bridge rectifier comprises 4 diodes D1, D2, D3, D4 related to kinda bridge as proven in determine. Therefore this association is named a bridge rectifier.

Bridge Connection of Diodes

Bridge Connection of Diodes

Working of Bridge Rectifier

The AC sign to be rectified is utilized to the diagonally reverse ends of the bridge by means of the transformer. Between one other two ends of the bridge, The load resistance RL is related.

Throughout the constructive half cycle of secondary voltage, The tip P turn into constructive and finish Q unfavorable. Thus Diode D1 and D3 will turn into ahead bias and begin conducting, whereas diode D2, D4 is reversed bias.

Diode D1 and D3 are in collection with the load resistance RL therefore present flows by means of RL as proven in determine.

D1 and D3 Series Connection with Load Resistance RL

D1 and D3 Collection Reference to Load Resistance RL

Throughout unfavorable half cycle of secondary voltage, the P finish turns into unfavorable and Q finish turn into constructive. Diode D2 and D4 are ahead biased therefore they begin conducting. Whereas diode D1 and D3 are reversed biased.

Diode D2 and D4 are in collection with the load resistor RL therefore present flows by means of Ras proven in determine. It might be seen that once more present flows from A to B by means of the load i.e. in the identical path as for the constructive half cycle. Thus DC voltage is obtained throughout load R. The output waveform of a bridge rectifier is proven in determine under. The benefit of Bridge rectifier is that its output is increased than of full wave and half wave rectifier.

Output waveform of a bridge rectifier

The output waveform of a bridge rectifier


The gentle emitting diode is totally different from different diodes as they emit mild and therefore referred to as the mild emitting diode. LED can be found in RED, GREEN, BLUE shade.


All materials have some kind of opposition to the present movement. This opposition is known as resistance. The resistance of cloth is decided by the variety of free electrons within the materials. There is numerous kind of resistor accessible equivalent to carbon movie, carbon composition, filament resistor and plenty of extra which can be utilized in an electronics or electrical circuit to find out the resistance.

The resistance of the circuit relies upon p, L and A with the next equation.

R = p*(L/A)


A capacitor is a tool that retailer electrical power and capacitance is the quantity {of electrical} power saved at a given voltage drop by the capacitor. A tool specifically designated to have a sure worth of capacitance is known as a capacitor. The capacitor has the flexibility to retailer electrons and launch them at a later stage. The capacitor mostly includes two steel plate that is separated by non-conducting materials referred to the as-as dielectric.


A diode is a digital machine which permits present to movement solely in a single path. Diodes are ahead by becoming a member of N kind and P kind semiconductors. The N kind semiconductor comprises free electrons that transfer by means of the fabric. Equally P kind semiconductor comprises holes. Electrons from the N kind that is close to the junction cross the junction and fill within the holes in P kind materials. Equally holes close to the junction of  P kind materials cross the junction and occupy the place of electrons. A depletion layer is shaped on the junction of the PN semiconductor.

Mains Operated LED Light Circuit Image 2

Mains Operated LED Gentle Circuit Working 

Working of the circuit may be very easy. Assemble the circuit correctly as proven in the circuit diagram. Now apply AC mains. Resistor R2 is used as present limiting part and resistor R1 is used with capacitor C1 so that it’ll discharge the capacitor which prevents deadly shock.

Now this energy provide is offered to the bridge rectifier circuit which is able to convert the AC to DC and likewise reduces the voltage with the assistance of present limiting elements. Now this energy provide is handed to LEDs and the LED related on the output begin glowing. You should utilize bridge rectifier accessible in the market or you can also make your personal with the assistance of 4 diodes. Most you need to use as much as 20 LEDs.

Benefits of LED Bulbs

  • LED bulbs have 10 occasions longer life compared to fluorescent and incandescent lights.
  • LED bulbs don’t include filament so there may be much fewer possibilities of harm.
  • Frequent incandescent bulb turns into sizzling and generates a lot of warmth within the room whereas LED bulb prevents the warmth construct up and helps in decreasing the air-con value in the room.
  • Energy consumption of LED lamp is approx. 2-17 watt 1/three compared to a fluorescent lamp. So should you LED bulb it can save you a lot in your electrical energy invoice?
  • As energy consumption of  LED lamp may be very much less, use in photovoltaic panels is rising.
  • Many individuals are utilizing inverters of their dwelling and now they’re utilizing LED lights with inverters as a result of this may also enhance the time interval for which inverters can assist LED mild.
  • The preliminary value of LED bulb is extra compared to the fluorescent bulb with they’ve lengthy life and they are often simply transferred from one place to a different without breakage and save electrical energy additionally. Subsequently LED bulb is extra environment-friendly than a fluorescent bulb.
  • LED bulbs aren’t delicate to temperature or humidity.
  • LED bulb doesn’t include mercury additionally, therefore, don’t present hurt to surroundings additionally.
  • LED lights will activate immediately.


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