On this problem, I am going to current you make a straightforward USB LED Lamp circuit. That may be a simple to implement DIY circuit that may be utilized to supply a further lighting to your laptop computer pc or tablet.


USB is an acronym of Widespread Serial Bus. The USB customary was developed to simplify the connections between a computer and its peripheral. In precise truth, practically the entire exterior items like Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, DVD Writer, Onerous Disk Drive, and plenty of others. are all being interfaced using the USB port.

NOTE: As this problem depends on the USB Port, we’re referring solely to a generic USB port.

Now, coming to the problem, all through low gentle circumstances or power outages, you will not be succesful to appropriately see the keys on the keyboard (not a problem if in case you could have a back-lit keyboard). What should you could make a small lamp that is powered using USB and should resolve this downside. USB LED Lamp Circuit is a straightforward reply to this.

As a result of the USB port gives 5V on the output, it could be used to gentle up the easy LED lamp circuit. One different good thing about this Lamp is that you do not disturb totally different with massive lamps as all you need is that this small USB Powered LED Lamp.

USB LED Lamp Circuit Diagram

USB LED Lamp Circuit DiagramCircuit Components

  • USB Male Connector
  • Gentle Emitting Diodes – 5 X 5mm White LEDs
  • Resistors – 100Ω X 5
  • Perf Board

USB LED Lamp Circuit Design

The circuit primarily consists of a male USB Connector. USBs shall be primarily divided into two customary kinds – USB of ‘A’ sort and USB of ‘B’ sort. These a number of sorts of USBs connectors differ of their shapes. Type ‘A’ USB could be utilized with the upstream items resembling USB hub or host. Type ‘B’ USB could be utilized with downstream items resembling printers.

The cables could have comparable number of pins nevertheless they differ mechanically. Many variations in USB had been launched. The first mannequin USB 1.Zero and 1.1 had the data worth of 12 Mbps.USB 2.Zero has info worth of 480 Mbps.USB 3.Zero is predicted to have info worth of 4.eight Gbps.

Do you have any idea regarding the circuit – 3X3X3 LED Cube Circuit

USB used proper right here is of sort ‘A’. It has 4 pins. These pins are VCC, GND, D+, D-. The D+ and D- pins are the data pins. VCC pin outputs the voltage of 5V. The USB LED Lamp with Type ‘A’ male USB connector shall be merely linked to the USB port of the computer.

LED is a semiconductor machine with two leads. Usually LEDs had been used for indicating nevertheless now-a-days, LEDs have gotten the precept sources of lighting in homes, locations of labor, streets, automobiles, and plenty of others. An LED is rather like a standard P-N junction diode. The facility emitted is inside the kind of gentle when utilized with the required voltage, whereas common P-N junction diode emits energy inside the kind of heat.

USB LED Lamp Circuit Image 1

The color of sunshine emitted relies upon the band gap of the semiconductor. The LEDs used listed below are common white LEDs. They’ve voltage drop of three.6V. The current required by the LEDs is 40mA. Initially these LEDs are restricted to the purple color, later extreme power LEDs and totally different colored LEDs resembling blue LEDs, white LEDs and plenty of others. had been developed.

NOTE: Please seek the advice of with the data sheet of the LED for the values of forward voltage and current.

A resistor of 100Ω is linked between the Gentle Emitting Diode and the USB. This acts as a gift limiting resistor. As a result of the LEDs require most current of 40mA to glow with full brightness, they’re required to protect from current better than this.

So, for that trigger, a resistor is to be positioned between the LED and the power present to limit the amount of current flowing by way of the LED. The supply voltage coming from the USB is 5V and the current drop on the Gentle Emitting Diode is 40 milli amperes. The following system could be utilized to calculate the resistor price.


the place, the price of V is 5 volts and the price of I is 40 mA.

So, R= 5V/0.04A =125 ohms

Nonetheless often, 125 ohm resistor would not exist in precise time. Subsequently a resistor of 100Ω is used in its place of 125Ω. Though it supplies an output current of 50 mA, this can be tolerated by the LED.

USB LED Lamp Circuit Simulation Video

How one can Design the USB LED Lamp Circuit?

Take a small piece of perf board and solder the Male USB Connector. Then start soldering the LEDs and 100Ω Resistors. Scrape the perimeters to smoothen the perf board.

USB LED Lamp Circuit Image 4

How one can Operate USB LED Lamp Circuit?

  • Initially be a part of the circuit as confirmed throughout the circuit diagram.
  • Now insert the USB to the port of the computer.
  • You can observe the lamp glowing
  • Now take away the USB from port.
  • Now lamp is switched off.

USB LED Lamp Circuit Image 2

USB LED Lights Circuit Advantages

  • That’s straightforward and low-cost.
  • This generally is a moveable lamp.
  • No extra provide is required.

Functions of USB LED Lamp Circuit



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