We have already seen throughout the earlier posts about straightforward strategies to jam the cell alerts using straightforward cell jammer circuit. Now, on this problem, we’ll study one different fascinating concept i.e. TV Distant jammer circuit, a straightforward and smart circuit dsigned spherical NE555 Timer IC.


The TV jammer circuit designed on this problem confuses the infrared receiver in a TV by producing the mounted signal that interferes with the distant administration signal. For individuals who swap on the circuit as quickly as, the TV will not get hold of any command from the distant. This allows you to watch your private program with out anyone altering the channel or amount.

The fundamental experience utilized in TV Remotes is Infrared delicate. This infrared delicate is invisible to the human eye, nonetheless we’re in a position to see these IR rays by way of digicam.

TV Distant Administration Jammer Circuit Principle

The idea behind the TV distant administration jammer is sending a relentless IR pulse with the supplier frequency of the transmitter. Due to this fact, the consequence will doubtless be non-accepted signal from the receiver and subsequently no movement will doubtless be taken.

Principally the TV distant emits a sequence of pulses everytime you press a button. IR transmitter is fixed to the ground of the TV distant. This IR transmitter emits the pulses in distinctive configuration for each button.

IR receiver, which is organized on the TV, will get hold of these sequence of pulses which may be transmitted by the TV Distant and identifies which button is pressed in TV distant.

Normally Philips TV remotes follows RC5 (Distant Administration) protocol. This protocol was developed by Philips throughout the late 1980s. In accordance with this protocol, for each button, Distant transmits 14 bits. The below decide displays the physique format of RC5 protocol.

RC-5 Frame Format

RC-5 Physique Format

The first two pulses are begun bits, and every are logic 1.

The third bit is toggle bit. This bit toggled every time when a button is pressed or launched. Using this bit, we’re in a position to set up local weather the button is pressed or not.

The next 5 bits characterize the system sort out. Bit 4 is the MSB of the system sort out and bit eight is the LSB of the system.

Closing six bits throughout the physique format are command bits. These command bits varies for each button throughout the distant. Using these command bits, we’re in a position to set up which button is pressed in IR distant.

TV Remote Jammer Circuit Image 1

Choices of RC5 protocol

  • Bi-phase coding (Manchester coding)
  • 36Khz or 38Khz supplier frequency
  • Fastened bit time of 1.778 ms
  • 5 bit sort out and 6 bit command measurement

Modulation: The RC5 protocol makes use of bi – part modulation. All 14 bits are equal measurement of 1.778ms.

TV Distant Administration Jammer Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram of TV Remote Jammer using 555 Timer IC

Circuit Parts

  • NE555 timer
  • 1N4148 diodes – 2
  • Resistors – 470 Ω, 1KΩ, 5R6 (5.6Ω)
  • POT – 10KΩ
  • 9V Battery
  • Ceramic capacitor – 10nF
  • Transistor – NPN (BC547)
  • IR – LED

TV Distant Jammer Circuit Design

The circuit is designed to supply a 38 KHz signal. The first component on this circuit is 555 Timer. Proper right here, it is operated in astable multivibrator mode. On this circuit, 2nd and sixth pins are shorted to allow the triggering after every timing cycle and these two pins are grounded by way of the capacitor. 4th pin of 555 timer is expounded to supply to steer clear of sudden resets.

TV Remote Jammer Circuit Image 2

10KΩ pot is used to manage the frequency of 555 timer. The current by way of the IR-LED is restricted to 100mA on account of two 1N4148 diodes, as these form mounted current affiliation when blended with transistor and resistor.

TV Distant Jammer – Circuit Simulation Video

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Strategies to Operate this TV Distant Administration Jammer Circuit?

  • Be part of 9V battery to the circuit.
  • Now regulate the pot 10KΩ to supply 38 KHz signal.
  • Now press the TV distant buttons.
  • You can observe that TV will not get hold of any directions from distant
  • Disconnect the battery from circuit and press TV distant buttons.
  • Now you could observe that TV will get hold of the directions from Distant

TV Distant Administration Jammer Circuit Advantages

  1. We’re ready to make use of this circuit to jam the distant alerts so that the alternative of us cannot change the channel whereas watching our favorite program on TV.
  2. It will not affect the signal receiving functionality of the TV.

Limitations of the Circuit

  • The circuit should be tuned appropriately to 38 KHz frequency to get appropriate outcomes.



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