Friday, October 23, 2020

IC 4017/CD4017 Datasheet | Pinout Circuit Schematic with Explanation

We often use CD4017 CMOS-IC when we want to build a 10 LED running light just for some fun or as a hobby. Why do...

Mini Electronic Projects Circuit Schematic with Explanation

Everyone is always looking for a mini electronic project to do which is easily built by making a circuit diagram using the PCB layout. Take a...

99+ Basic Electronic Circuits Schematic with explanation

What is the simplest way to learn electronics? How can electronics be understood easily? The learning must start with the basic definition. The electronic circuit...

How NE555 Timer Circuit Works – Datasheet – Pinout Circuit Schematic...

Have you ever had the chance to use the NE555 timers? I have been using it since 36 years ago. I still use it...

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