On this endeavor, I will current learn to design and assemble a straightforward Panic Alarm Circuit using 555 Timer IC and a few completely different merely obtainable elements. This circuit might be utilized to activate an alarm in case of any emergencies.


There could also be any sudden state of affairs of panic. It may probably be as a consequence of an intruder stepping into our house or unhealthy nicely being standing. Circumstances could also be many for panicking and can differ from particular person to particular person.

All through such emergencies, we could possibly be unable to intimate to the people spherical us. On this text we’ll see learn to make a straightforward panic alarm, which is able to assist us to intimate others regarding our unhealthy state of affairs with none delay.

Panic Alarm Circuit Diagram

Elements Required

  • 555 IC
  • Resistor – 1KΩ
  • Resistor – 22KΩ
  • Resistor – 100KΩ
  • Capacitor – 10µF
  • 9V Battery
  • Push Button
  • Mini Buzzer
  • Breadboard
  • Connecting Wires


This circuit is made with a low worth {{hardware}} using IC 555 timer, buzzer, just some resistors and capacitors. It is made to be working reliably as a result of it has straightforward to utilize and by no means so delicate {{hardware}} like 555 timer, ceramic buzzer, capacitors, and so forth.

Although no distinctive affiliation is used to make any compensation for the variable parameters, the circuit by default is made to be robust and simple to utilize. This can be very particular person nice with a single button to be pressed to cope with the panicking state of affairs with none hassle.

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The IC 555 is used inside the Astable mode with the frequency counting on the values of resistors R2, R3 and C2. The values of R2 = 100KΩ, R3 = 22KΩ and C2 = 10µF.

By substituting the given parameters inside the respective formulation for IC 555 in astable mode, we get the subsequent values. The frequency of operation of the circuit is calculated to be 1 Hz. By discovering the time interval of the circuit by using the frequency information, we get the time interval of the circuit as 1 second. This suggests the circuit has a on -off repeating time interval of about 1 second.

Panic Alarm Circuit Image 1

After analyzing the ON and OFF time interval of the panic alarm circuit given above, we uncover that the circuit will keep on for about 0.845 seconds and off for about 0.152 seconds.

The circuit is inside the disabled mode when the button is not pressed and due to this fact the alarm is just not going to function when the button is not pressed. Although the power present is perhaps geared up to the IC 555 regularly, the circuit will operate inside the astable mode solely when the IC is enabled. The IC is inside the permit mode solely when pin 4 of the 555 IC is given a extreme voltage.

This happens solely when the button is pressed. The button could also be made to have a plastic enclosure to have a larger visibility and ease of entry to it. For the purpose of demonstration, I’ve linked a straightforward Buzzer to the output of the 555 IC. 

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