Everyone is always looking for a mini electronic project to do which is easily built by making a
circuit diagram using the PCB layout.
Take a look at my site where you can find various options to help you make a great choice.
Imagine a situation where you need an LED flasher circuit. In this situation, you can have many
choices. Some of them are described below:
First, you can make a transistor circuit. Second, you can design a 555 timer version and at the
end an Arduino.
Which option is better? For me and I’m sure for everyone else, the easy and cheapest option works
perfectly. These qualities are present in the transistor version for sure. Then there is the IC-555
or op-amp. Arduino is too expensive if needed for LED blink only.
If for some reason a project does not work, it’s rather very sad and might have a bunch of reasons.
But you will catch the problem and work up a solution soon. It must be kept in mind that this is
not a failure but just another way of learning and a step towards improvement.
Most circuits can be assembled on universal PCB Board. The reason is that PCB board is much
cheaper and faster way than buying KITs.
If you try to create these electronic projects and get the results out successfully you must
remember to share your results with us.


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