GSM managed robotic or SMS managed robotic is a wi-fi robotic which performs the required actions by receiving a set of directions within the type a Brief Message Service (SMS). On this venture we will management the robotic instructions like ahead, backward, left and proper by sending SMS from the cellular. Earlier, now we have already seen the working of a DTMF Managed Robotic with out utilizing Microcontroller.

This venture primarily consists of two sections, one is cellular unit and the opposite one is robotic unit. The GSM modem which is fastened on the robotic receives the messages despatched by the cellular and provides the directions to the microcontroller to manage the robotic instructions. On this venture, we interface 8051 microcontroller with GSM SIM 300. The protocol used for the communication between controller and GSM modem is UART (Common Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter). This technique repeatedly checks for message to take the choice for controlling the robotic.

Circuit Precept:

Once we ship the message from the cellular to the modem, GSM modem sends the under command serially to point that new message is acquired.

+CMTI: “SM”,3

Within the above command quantity Three signifies the placement of the brand new message. Now we have to learn this unread message to show it on LCD. The command to learn the message from GSM modem is


Right here the quantity Three signifies the placement of the message to be learn. After sending this command to GSM module, modem sends the under command serially.

+CMGR: “REC UNREAD”,”MD-WAYSMS”,,”13/05/20,15:31:48+34″

Within the above command “REC UNREAD” signifies that message is unread message, “MD-WAYSMS” signifies sender cellular quantity or title, 13/05/20 signifies the date, 15:31 signifies time and ahead is the content material of the message.

From the above command, we have to extract message (ahead) despatched by the person. Now examine this message with predefined strings (ahead, backward, left, proper), primarily based on outcome management the robotic.

Block Diagram:

GSM Controlled Robot Block Diagram

GSM Managed Robotic – Block Diagram

Circuit Diagram:

GSM Controlled Robot Circuit Diagram using 8051 Microcontroller

GSM Managed Robotic Circuit Diagram

{Hardware} Necessities:

  • 8051 Microcontroller
  • AT89C51 Programming board
  • Programming cable
  • 16*2 LCD
  • MAX 232 stage converter
  • GSM sim 300 module
  • L293D motor driver
  • Robotic
  • 9V DC batteries – 2
  • 5V energy provide circuit
  • 0.1uF ceramic capacitors – 4
  • 33pF capacitors – 2
  • 10uF electrolytic capacitor
  • 12MHz crystal
  • 10ok (1/Four watt) resistor
  •  Single pin connecting wires

Software program Necessities:

  • Kiel U imaginative and prescient
  • Flash magic
  • Proteus

Circuit Simulation Video:

Circuit Design:

The main elements used within the above circuit are microcontroller, motor driver, stage converter, GSM module and robotic. Right here at89c51 microcontroller is used and it requires an influence provide of optimistic 5V DC. With a purpose to present regulated 5V DC voltage to the controller, use 7805 energy provide circuit. Right here two 9V batteries are used, one is for giving the provision to the circuit and different is to run the DC motors.

Within the above circuit, 16 x 2 LCD is related to the PORT1 of the microcontroller in Four bit mode. LCD knowledge traces D4, D5, D6 and D7 are related to P1.4, P1.5, P1.6 and P1.7 respectively and management pins are related to P1.0, P1.1 and P1.2. Right here it used to point the acquired message.

 GSM modem Tx and Rx pins are related to the 13 and 14 pins of max232. Microcontroller TXD and RXD pins are related to the 11 and 12 pins of stage converter. Right here max232 is a mediator between controller and GSM module and it’s used to transform the voltage ranges. To know extra particulars about max232 refer Max232 Datasheet.

GSM module requires 5V energy provide. With a purpose to talk with this GSM we have to ship AT instructions utilizing serial communication (UART protocol). Use a baud fee of 9600 to speak with GSM.

P2.0, P2.1, P2.2 and P2.Three pins of controller are related to the l293d enter pins and these pins are used to manage the 2 DC motors. The working voltage of this IC is 5V. Utilizing this IC we will function the two DC motors with a voltage starting from 4.5 to 36V. We have to apply the motors provide at 8th pin of l293d. To know extra about motor driver IC refer L293D Datasheet.

Circuit Working Algorithm:

  1. Initialize the LCD and UART protocol
  2. Repeatedly verify for the command +CMTI: “SM”,3 (Location quantity) to know climate new message is acquired or not
  3. In case you obtain the command then retailer message location quantity.
  4. Now learn that specific message and extract the physique of the message
  5. Show the extracted content material on LCD and examine this content material with predefined strings.
  6. If matched then carry out the required motion on robotic.

Use under code to learn a brand new message from the GSM modem.

whereas (rx_data() ! = 0x0d);
whereas (rx_data() ! = 0x0a);
if (rx_data() == ‘+’)
if (rx_data() == ‘C’)
if (rx_data() == ‘M’)
if (rx_data() == ‘T’)
if (rx_data()==’I’)
whereas (rx_data() != ‘,’);
a = rx_data ();
delay_ms (10);
tx_string (“at”);
tx_data (0x0d);
tx_data (0x0a);
tx_string (“at + cmgf =1”);
tx_data (0x0d);
tx_data (0x0a);
tx_string (“at + cmgr =”);
tx_data (a);
tx_data (0x0d);
tx_data (0x0a);
whereas (rx_data() ! = 0x0a);
whereas (rx_data() != 0x0a);
whereas (rx_data() ! = 0x0a);
for (i=0; i<15; i++)
learn [i]= rx_data();
delay_ms (5000);

How you can Function?

  1. Write this system to the GSM managed robotic venture utilizing keil software program
  2. Now burn this system to the microcontroller with the assistance of flash magic.
  3. Give the connections as per the circuit diagram.
  4. Use energy provide circuit to supply 5V DC to the microcontroller
  5. Insert the SIM (Subscriber Id Module) to the GSM module.
  6.  Now change on the provision
  7. Ship SMS to the GSM module utilizing different cellular
  8. Now you may see the identical message on LCD.
  9.  If the acquired message match with any predefined string then robotic strikes accordingly.

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Circuit Purposes:

  • This venture is utilized in robotic functions
  • Utilized in army functions.

Limitations of the Circuit:

  • Robotic part should have the community to obtain the instructions wirelessly.
  • As there is no such thing as a password anyone can function the robotic by sending message.

Obtain Challenge Code


If you’re to get code, kindly take a while and reply following questions within the remark part, so that we’ll ship you the code.

  • Why you want this venture code? 
  • Are you attempting to make the identical venture or completely different one?
  • Give us extra particulars about your venture.


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