Learn about many Electronics components and their datasheets with their pinout details, uses, the example of circuits, and how to use them.

Imagine that you are creating an electronic project like a tone control preamplifier circuit. But while you are at it, you realize that the circuit is not working as expected.  There may be many reasons.

Electronics components datasheets

Understanding the operation of electronic devices is essential. Using NE5532 instead of LM1458 op-amp will have a better sound quality because the noise produced is lower.

How does 555 timer circuit works

Have you ever used the NE555 timers? I have been using it since 36 years ago. I still use it now and It’s not out of date.

Let’s not waste time with questions. Why do we like using it?

Let me explain its use to you in a simple way. I will also be learning it with you. The NE555 is one of the handiest IC’s to be invented. Read more>>

741 op-amp DIP 8 pinsWe often see the LM741 circuit in many projects. Sure you can use it. But… wouldn’t it be more fun if you understood how it works?

Do not worry at all. I always try to make it easy for you.

… Ha..Ha. I know a little. But I love to share too.

LM741 or uA741 or even 741 are a type of op-amps. It is a high-performance operational amplifier on a single chip.

Read more>>

In the event, we need to build a variable DC power supply that has an output of 1A and can adjust up to about 30V.
Most people will use LM317 because of high-efficiency, it is also easy to apply, and cheaper.

pinout of LM317T on TO-220It has an adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage regulator designed to supply more than 1.5 A of load current with an output voltage adjustable over a 1.2V to 37V range. Read more>>

LM386 in DIP-8 packetImagine that you finished an audio circuit. But the sound is too weak.

Many people use LM386 to increase sound up to a speaker. Why should you do it too? Some might want to try it now.

But…it is better only if you have read LM386 Datasheet before.

LM386 is a low voltage audio amplifier and good at working with a battery. Its shape is similar for IC-741, DIP-8. Its really small and easy but produces great sound. Read more>>

NE5532 Dual Low Noise op-amp

NE5532 dual low noise op-amp photoDo you want to make a preamplifier with tone control or other circuits?  It offers many choices for you.


If you are looking for the low yet good sound the preamplifier using NE5532 may be the thing you are looking for.

Why?  It makes a great sound, low noise, and is easy to use.   Read more>>

74HC4066 Pinout connection

We have many ways to make a function generator. Using NE566/LM566 is a good choice because it is easy to use and it looks like a NE555 timer.

And we often use the NE566 as a Voltage controlled oscillator or VCO circuit. It is a type of oscillator.

We can control the frequency of the output with the amplitude of an input voltage signal. Read more>>

CD4069  Hex inverter/Buffers

You probably know that the inverter logic gate is very important in digital circuits. We have many ways to make it. But often I use CMOS digital IC. The reason is that it is easy to make and is cheap too. CD4069 is one IC that I like to use.

Sure, it will work well. If we know the basic details, pinouts, features. Especially examples of circuit diagram. They are a guideline for creating more diverse circuits. Read more>>

CD4013 |Dual D-type Flip-flops datasheets

74HC4066 Pinout connection

When we see CD4013 in general electronic circuits we know that it is a digital CMOS chip. But how do we use it? This article has answers. Understanding it will be easy to use it as a basic system.

The CD4013 or IC-4013 is a CMOS logic chip with two D-Type (DATA) Flip-flops. A clock pulse flow to C (clock pin); will store the data at the D input. Connect clock and both Q output to make a toggle flip-flop for counting. Read more>>

74HC4066 Quad analog switch CMOS

ULN2003 Datasheet _ pinout _ DC motor driver circuit

What switches are used in digital systems? 74HC4066(CD4066) is a good answer. Most people use them.


The 4066 is a high-speed CMOS Quad Logic Chip. Which contains silicon gate Cmos technology that can be used as analog switches.

They can turn ON or OFF with external logic signals.

See the inside of 74HC4066 or 4066. It consists of 4 independent high-speed switches, ABCD block and can control either digital or analog signals while having low power dissipation.  Read more>>

ULN2003  DC motor driver circuit

CD4027 pinout and symbol circuit

Imagine that you want to control the stepper motor with any microcontroller, Arduino, PIC, MCS51, and others but we can’t drive it directly. We need to have a good helper. I recommend ULN2003.

Why should we use it?

It is an IC driver relay, motor widely used for driving many relays. It is suitable for use in automated control tasks that have a total of 7 operation channels, working independently with each other or we can call them 7 Channel Transistor Arrays. Read more>>

CD4027 datasheet of Dual J-K Flip-Flop

LM2596 Pinout

When we want to use flip-flops with CMOS we often meet CD4027. They are dual J-K flip-flops that are monolithic complementary MOS integrated circuits.

We have seen many circuits that use them. Of course, while making a great circuit we should understand the detail of all of its parts( basic enough).

Slow down!

If you are a beginner. You should read how flip-flop works and Read more>>

LM2596 voltage regulator – LM2673 datasheet

Do you want a 3A voltage regulator circuit? Before that, we have often shared with you LM350 but now we may use others. Some use the LM2596 circuit.

It is suitable for easy and convenient use as a step-down switching regulator. Some people call it a buck converter circuit.

Here is why I like them.

Drives 3.0 A load with excellent line and load regulation.

It runs on a switching frequency of 150 kHz. So, we can use a smaller sized filter than lower frequency switching regulators.

It requires a few external components and hence it is a smaller circuit.
Imagine you are using LM350 is smaller and does not become hot. That’s why I like the LM2596.  Read more>>

CD4046 Phase-locked loop

IC 4046 datasheet (phase-locked loop)fg

The IC 4046 is a Phase-locked loop IC of CMOS digital (combined analog and digital chip).

A Phase-locked loop (PLL) has a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO).

The VCO signal and an input signal are sent to a phase comparator which generates an error voltage part detecting any difference in frequency between two signals.

The error voltage adjusts the VCO frequency to match that of the input signal.

Thus the PLL can track an input signal.

Or only the VCO function can be used. Read more>>

TDA1562 – High Car Audio Amplifier 70W

The TDA1562 datasheet is a high output power 70W /4 ohms Bridge-Tied-Load (BTL) class H and AB high-efficiency power amplifiers in plastic power package (TO-220)

The device can be used for car audio systems (e.g. car radios and boosters) as well as mains fed applications (e.g. midi/mini audio combinations and TV sound). Read more>>

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