A Computerized Door Opener System is a straightforward undertaking based mostly on PIR Sensor and Arduino, which mechanically opens and closes the door by detecting an individual or object.

You might need to be seen Computerized Door Opener Programs at purchasing malls, cinemas, hospitals and so forth. the place, as quickly as an individual approaches the door (at about 2 or three toes), the door mechanically slides open. And after a while (about 5 to 10 seconds), the door closes by sliding within the reverse route.

Such Computerized Door Opener Programs are very helpful as you do not want an individual to standby the door and open it each time a visitor comes. Additionally, because the doorways are opened and closed solely when an individual approaches the door, there may be considerably much less lack of air con.

So, in an effort to perceive the potential of this idea, we now have applied an easy Computerized Door Opener System utilizing Arduino and PIR Sensor. 


Within the Computerized Door Opening System, the primary element or {hardware} is the sensor which detects the individuals (nicely, the movement of the individual in our case). For this goal, we will likely be utilizing the PIR Movement Detector Sensor.

Now we have already seen within the Arduino PIR Sensor Tutorial about how a PIR Sensor Works and find out how to interface a PIR Sensor to an Arduino.

For the aim of the demonstration, I’ve used a CD Tray to copy the door. At any time when the PIR Sensor detects a movement, the CD Tray opens after which closes after a while.

With the intention to management the 5V DC motor within the CD Tray, I’ve used the L298N Motor Driver Module. I’ve already completed a tutorial on controlling a DC Motor utilizing Arduino and L298N Motor Driver Module.

Circuit Diagram of Computerized Door Opener System

Automatic Door Opener using Arduino and PIR Sensor Circuit Diagram

Elements Required for Computerized Door Opener System

Part Description

Arduino UNO

On this undertaking, Arduino UNO acts as the primary controlling half. It reads the info from the PIR Sensor and prompts the L298N Motor Driver based mostly on the info from the PIR Sensor.  

PIR Sensor

Detecting human movement is finished with the assistance of PIR Sensor.

Arduino PIR Sensor Tutorial PIR Sensor 1

L298N Motor Driver Module

Motor Driver is a crucial a part of the undertaking as it’s liable for driving the motor of the door (CD Tray Motor on this case). On this undertaking, we now have used the quite common and very talked-about L298N Motor Driver Module. 

Arduino DC Motor Control using L298N Motor Driver Module

Circuit Design

First, the Knowledge OUT of the PIR Sensor is related to Digital Pin eight of Arduino. The opposite two pins of PIR Sensor i.e. Vs and GND are related to +5V and GND respectively.

Coming to the Motor Driver, we now have used the second channel of the L298N Motor Driver Module. Therefore, the IN3 and IN4 of the L298N Motor Driver are related to Digital Pins 2 and three of Arduino.

The Allow Pin of the Second Motor on the L298N Module us related to +5V. Normally, all of the L298N Modules consists of a jumper to straight related the Allow pins to +5V. You should utilize this feature.

Because the motor used within the undertaking is a 5V Motor, I’ve related a 5V Provide to the Motor Driver Module.

Lastly, the Motor of the CD Tray is related to the OUT3 and OUT4 of the L298N Motor Driver Module.   


The code for the undertaking is given under. It may be used with any Arduino Board (Arduino UNO, Arduino Nano or Arduino Mega).

Working of Computerized Door Opener System

The working of the Computerized Door Opener System utilizing Arduino and PIR Sensor may be very easy. This undertaking may be thought-about as an extension of Arduino PIR Sensor Tutorial and Arduino L298N DC Motor Management Tutorial.

When the PIR Sensor detects any movement of an individual, its Knowledge OUT Pin will turn out to be HIGH. As this pin is related to the Arduino, it is going to detect this HIGH Sign and understands that there’s individual approaching the door.

Arduino then instantly prompts the L298N Motor Driver module to open the door. After a while (about 2 to five seconds on this undertaking), the Arduino will as soon as once more activate the Motor Drive to shut the door.      


  • Arduino based mostly Computerized Door Opener System is a really helpful undertaking because it lets you perceive the idea of such computerized door opener programs and the way they work.
  • These programs are already being utilized in many locations like malls, theatres, and hospitals.
  • You may implement this Arduino based mostly undertaking at you dwelling in Storage Door Openers, restroom cowl openers, Workplace door openers, and so forth.  



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