I’ve been a big fan of the old TV sets collection embedded with futuristic tech in these futuristic autos, like Knight Rider, Air Wolf, Road Hawk, and so forth. So I felt intrigued to design something simple that could be added as a pc into a car. Now I have realized that it has been completed earlier than thought. A quick Google search shows a number of websites and firms that are working to make very advanced cars with different automobile computer systems but at a high price.
raspbian running

Raspberryi Pi in my Ford Focus operating raspbian “wheezy”
Now I believe that my Raspberry Pi is a proper gadget for this.

  • It’s quite inexpensive.
  • The small size fits perfectly.
  • It has low energy requirements (runs off a micro USB automobile charger)
  • It provides versatile video and audio outputs (HDMI and Composite RCA for video, HDMI and three 0.5mm audio jack for audio)
  • It’s the best option among all other options as you can change the working programs by merely switching out SD playing cards.

Given below is a photograph of the Raspberry Pi laptop which is operating a superb media center type working system Raspbmc. This is ideal for going shopping and also if you want to take part in media assortment using a media center that is a bit faraway or has one thing related, as proven in my ‘buying record’ given below.


Raspbmc operating on a Raspberry Pi laptop within the Automobile

What I did with Raspberry Pi Laptop

At first, I had the Xtron automobile DVD participant for the Ford which was already fitted. It can be discovered on this website right here http://www.xtrons.co.uk/ and there are DVD/Radio gamers for various automobile producers. On the other hand, you don’t really need one among these for people who can place a TFT display elsewhere. I even have one among these.

7inch TFT monitor

7″ TFT monitor which can be utilized for the again seats
This can be discovered on eBay for about £23 at this hyperlink. http://shops.ebay.co.uk/SainSpeed

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This 7” TFT can easily be placed on a headrest or on the sprint too because it comes with a stand. Each of those gadgets has a composite RCA video enter and for audio, they have a fundamental 3.5mm audio cable from the Raspberry Pi to the auxiliary port of the radio. Hence all the audio is transferred through the automobile audio system which sounds really great, loud and clear. I have positioned my Raspberry Pi within the center console as shown below and routed all cables below the center console so no cables are cluttering around.

centre console

Console of my Ford Focus holding the Raspberry Pi
centre console 2nd

Centre Console Raspberry Pi with energy from USB charger
I have also used the functional little Xenta with a Wi-fi Keyboard with a built in mouse touchpad. This works perfectly with each Raspbian and Raspbmc. It even has an on/off button on the back which is quite useful to avoid wasting batteries when not in use (it takes 2xAA batteries).

centre console 3rd

Raspberry Pi and mini keyboard
Now I can hook it up with any wi-fi community and I can also join it with my cell phone by using the moveable wi-fi hotspot, giving my Raspberry Pi a web connection even on the movable mode (clearly don’t strive to browse the web or watch movies while driving).

  1. Supplies Used :
    1. Raspberry Pi (Clearly)
    2. Xtrons Car DVD player
    3. 7” TFT monitor (for again seats or predominant monitor)
    4. Additional composite video cable and three.5mm audio cable
    5. Wi-fi N USB dongle from Amazon
    6. Xenta Wi-fi Mini Keyboard from Ebuyer(now out of inventory) Strive this one as a substitute
    7. Micro USB car charger


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