Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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0-5V(max 20V) 2A Precise Low Voltage Power Supply circuit with explanation

Precise Low Voltage Power Supply 0-5V(max 20V) 2A This power supply eliminate voltage loss on current meter. Will be designed for measure on low voltage DC/DC converters (e.g. LED lamps powered from single NiCd/NiMH cell) Source : thank you.

LM338 based 1.2V – 32 V / 5A Power Supply circuit

This is a LM338 based power supply (with Short Circuit Protection) which is not complicated and easy to build. I am using the supply for a long time, have no problem yet. Only current adjust is missing but I overcome this situation by using an LCD panel ampermeter. There is no PCB for the circuit....

Audio Booster Circuit

The following circuit has a maximurn gain of around 22 dB (voltage gain). The frequency response of the amplifier is determined mostly by the value of just a couple of components, primarily C1 and R1. The values of the circuit diagram present a response of ±3.0 dB from about 120 Hz to higher than 20,000 Hz.In fact, the frequency...

LM317 based 1.2 – 12V 1A Low Voltage LED Indicator Power Supply circuit with explanation

  This is a 1.2 – 12 V, max 1A power supply with a low voltage indicator LED. The indicator part incluedes three diodes and one LED. For example you are charging a battery, you can observe the charge status at that moment. Another advantage of this circuit, when the drawn current exceeds 1A (practically 0.85A),...